Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sister Trip #1 - NYC

Corey & I have always talked about doing a "sister trip" somewhere fun - we finally came up with NYC as our first choice because I have always wanted to see the Christmas tree. NYC lit the tree this past Tuesday so this was the first full weekend of the tree being up. We flew out of Northern KY and into LaGuardia airport in NYC. We had a wonderful trip and it was so amazing getting to spend the entire weekend (and then some!) with her. I miss having her around all the time to just yack about life / hear what's going on with her. We have so many great memories from the trip including: great pizza from Little Italy, a hotel (Club Quarters Midtown) that was really nice, saw the tree, enjoyed Times Square, saw Mary Poppins on Broadway, took a 3 hour boat ride around Manhattan, saw Ground Zero and so much more! I look forward to future sister trips together because we had such a great time & now know we are great traveling companions! This is one of my favorite shots above because we both loved Times Square more than anything & it shows just how cold we really were!

More pictures to come but wanted to keep trying out this blogging program to see how it all works!

We finally had someone take our photo in Times Square!

On our boat ride, we had some guy take out picture with the bridges & city in the background - it was SO cold!
Before I got my cool hat, we saw the tree & took quite a few takes to get the tree in the picture between us :) We went back today (Tuesday) before we left so we could get closer to it but this picture makes me laugh due to how many takes it took!