Sunday, September 4, 2011

my life through pictures...

Since we found out that IVF #4 didn't work, we've been trying to keep ourselves busy with different things - sometimes it's just easier to show you our lives through pictures...

We got a new computer, so this is me being silly with the "photo booth" program!

Sometimes it seems as though Sally can't get close enough to us...this was one of those moments

Our first Jimmy Buffett concert was a success - tailgating around 4, concert at 8, home by 11! Great times!

We were in the lawn so it was hard to see him (except on a jumbo tron!) but here he is!

Since we live so far away from our friends - sometimes we just have to Skype with them :) Abigail got a new bike!

Where's Caleb's belly button?? He loves to show you!

Florence Freedom game with our neighbors - last fireworks Friday!

Happy 80th Birthday grandma Moore!

Here is Grandma McFarland

As I mentioned, these last couple of weeks haven't been my favorite - but Lynn & Steph each got me a really sweet card & took the time to write so much in them...I truly love my friends & appreciate everything that they do for me to keep me staying focused on what's ahead.

Had dinner with Donna at Rio Grande in Newport after work to catch up on life - she is one of my favorites!

Stopped by the firehouse to visit Richard & bring the guys cookies from Great American Cookie Co. 

31 has been going really well - Jen had my only August party (took off some time for IVF) and this is my set-up at her many new things, it's really exciting!!

Did a Bridal Show at the Manor House with Tiff, Talia & Kelli...we had a great time!

We love photo booths so we did 3!
We did 2 on Saturday - had a ball...please notice the one on the left was as we were leaving after he woke up from his nap...he was less than thrilled (and so were we when we realized we didn't redeem our $20 gift card so we missed out!) boo!

All in all, some great memories in August - but with great times comes not so great times - some days are easier than others - some hours are easier than others. I'm hoping this fall comes some changes and things start looking up.

I'll keep hoping & let you know what I come up with! Stay tuned!