Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{29 weeks...and growing!}

I am now 29 weeks, 2 days...less than 11 weeks to go and I've got to say - I'm a bit freaked out about what's ahead! I'm very excited to meet our little guy but I'm also a bit nervous about how it's all going to happen! We have our childbirth all-day class on Saturday and our first shower on Sunday with my friends - I am very excited about the shower.
7 months - we made it! We also got a free bottle in the mail!

Met my friend for dinner and we had fun with the iPhone!

Met Kelli and Maya for lunch at Skyline in Clifton - she is SO cute!

Fun trip with the Boyle's to Corbin, KY!

Cumberland Falls!

Mani/Pedi with mom

Yep, 29 weeks and counting...

How far along?  29 + weeks
Maternity clothes? Yep - just went today for the first time to Blue Cocoon on Montgomery - got a dress and my first nursing bra. I also got some clothes at JCPenney last week that I really like & am looking forward to wearing. I'm still wearing a lot of Michelle's clothes that she let me borrow which is awesome but it's also fun shopping for new clothes to wear now & after the baby's here (but hopefully I'll be smaller than when I started so I can get smaller clothes in the future!) :)  
Movement: Oh yes! He kicks some days A LOT - especially if I put my feet up in the laz-y-boy or go to sleep at night. Some days he's much more quiet and doesn't kick as much but he still likes to be active!
Food cravings: None again - I am really not very hungry...though the cookies-n-cream ice cream in the fridge always sounds good!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Mexican still and steak kind of...heavy foods don't sound very good right now.
Have you started to show yet: Yes, everyone now asks the standard questions - "Oh, when are you due? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?"
Gender: BOY!!
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? Off (had them on probably 1 in the past couple of weeks - I just get hot/swell and take them off so I've pretty much stopped wearing them. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy most of the time - but night time seems to be the worst - I just don't feel my best at night after a long day & I get kind of upset to my stomach...but overall, feeling great!
Most scared about: Still how this little guy is going to come out and breast feeding probably
Any other news on the pregnancy front? Not really - just looking forward to my showers starting and seeing what everyone picks out for our little guy!
What's Richard been up to? Richard put all new trim on the front of the house today & has been overseeing the master bath gut by Deming Custom Remodeling. It's been a long week for Sally because people have been in our house all week. She just follows Richard around all the time and looks pathetic! We also found we have a baby fish in our pond (but no idea how it got there as the fish have been in there for over 6 years and never had babies!) Richard has also been doing other random things around the house to get ready for the other stuff...CertaPro at the beginning of May coming to paint, carpet being installed in the middle of May. He also likes to make sure I've eaten enough and I'm happy with my food! :) Such a nice husband & soon-to-be daddy! :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Glucose Test #1 & #2

Saturday, April 7th I took my first glucose test - drank the stuff in the morning (lemon-lime flavor aka flat Sprite) and went to get my blood drawn at Quest. No big deal but felt miserable after I came home that day and slept for a few hours.

Monday, April 9th they called to tell me my levels were abnormal (my doctor's office wants them 130 or below and I was at 145) so I had to go in for a second 3 hour test at Quest sometime soon. They also told me my iron was low so I needed to start taking an iron supplement. Went to Wal-Mart that night to get Iron supplement (bought a 2 pack because it's not like I'm not going to need them!) - pharmacist was this old man who was so sweet - when he asked what we were having and I told him a boy he goes "Yes!" He has 3 boys & 3 grandsons so he loves having boys around!

Thursday, April 12th I went in for my 3 hour test and they stuck me 4 times (once before I took the drink and 3 times after) - I didn't feel too well after I drank the orange drink but I told myself "Don't throw up or it voids the test." The lady at Quest was not as nice as the lady who drew my blood on the first day but by the end of it we were buds and she was hoping I passed the test...she thought I was a chicken because I kept asking for the butterfly needle because the other ones hurt more and finally I said "Look, I've been through 5 IVF's - it's not that I'm afraid of the needles - it's that I really don't like more than a butterfly needle going in my arm (even if it is faster!) because it hurts more during/after and I really don't want to pass out sitting here." She was stunned and just goes "Oh my gosh - 5 times? Is this your first? I can't believe you're bothered by this at all - wait until you have a baby, you really won't care about blood sticks!" But the last 2 draws she used a butterfly needle...geez lady, it's not my first rodeo! But I REALLY don't like having my blood drawn - period.

I called yesterday around 4 to the doctor's office just to check to see if they had my results and they called back within 2 minutes to tell me my levels were perfect and I didn't need any more follow-up - WOO. HOO. Relief went through my body...I was so happy!

As for the baby - he seemed more bothered by the first test than the second and kicked more yesterday than he had the entire week. He kicks at random times when I'm just sitting there, sometimes it's a change of music in the car that he seems to respond to (ie. he loves that Lee Brice song - "A Woman Like You") and if I talk to Richard on the phone he kicks most of the time. HOWEVER - when I have Richard put his hand on my stomach to feel him kick, he refuses...I made Richard sit there for at least 5 minutes last night while he was kicking like crazy 30 seconds before and he did nothing...Richard walked to the kitchen and by the time he made it there, my stomach was moving again....little stinker :) He amuses me already!

This hasn't been my best week as far as how I feel though - not sure if it's all the stress of having these tests done, but it really just feels different because my stomach is getting bigger and I don't feel hungry anymore and my back just hurts a bit more...I'm also not sleeping a ton right now because I just toss/turn through the night. I'm looking forward to relaxing today, because I've had to cancel a lot of plans this week (including a trip to the Vera outlet sale I was REALLY looking forward to) and I took Wed/Thursday off work. I have just been pooped - this little man takes it out of me!

And what would a week be without a few pictures? I didn't take many at all this week because I just haven't been in the mood:

This pretty much sums up how I've been feeling lately - she misses dad in this picture (just like her mama!)

Yet another example of how girl's clothes are cuter than boys (even where UK is concerned!) How cute are all those polka dots and bloomers with that girl's outfit? HA! 

While waiting for blood draw #4, we headed to Petsmart to check out glucosamine for Sally and I love looking at the fish - so fun to watch! :) 
Hopefully this next week will be better!

Monday, April 9, 2012

{26 weeks}

Belly is getting bigger - strangers in Orange Leaf, neighbors - everyone is noticing that my belly is sticking out quite a ways now - very fun to look in the mirror and see a belly...truly never thought it would happen!

Had my glucose test on Saturday and did fine until a few hours after the test and I felt miserable :( The baby did NOT like all that sugar at once, that's for sure-  he went nuts! Doctor called today (4/9) to let me know my test came back abnormal (needs to be 130 or lower and I'm at 145) so now I have to do the 3 hour test...not happy about that at all. I have to fast after midnight, go into the lab to have my blood drawn - they'll give me something to drink after they draw my blood and then will draw it at 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour increments for a total of 4 blood draws in the span of 3 hours. They also said my iron levels are low, so I need to start an iron supplement. Today was not my favorite day. 

It doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping very good lately - so some nights are ok and other nights I wake up more tired than when I went to sleep!

Now on with the pictures from the past week...
This was one of the best days off with Richard - we went to Kohl's, golf range, Orange Leaf and enjoyed Sally! Love my Wednesdays off!

This is what happens when I turn the camera on to take a picture of the house and it's my face - some days this is just my mood...I made sure to send this to my sister to let her know what this looks like (HAHAHA!)

Roommate & I went to an Indian Dance Competition and it was really fun! Indian buffet, live dancing and fun!

Grandma & Grandpa, mom & dad came over for lunch and grandma likes to hide behind my belly :) She makes me laugh!

Sitting out on the deck enjoying the sun & watching my belly dance from the outside - the baby loves to move around and kick, that's for sure!

This past week the Hardman kids were on spring break so on Alyssa's birthday, I went to lunch with them and spent some time! It's always great to see all the kiddos (and Amy!) at once!

Mom & dad came to see where I worked at UC and took me to Olive's for lunch! 

Good Friday tradition with Crystal's family - egg coloring with the kids & Richard's' steak sandwiches for dinner (we added in Flubs this year!) :) 

One of Nancy's customers makes hats for babies at Good Sam so she wanted to make sure our son got one of her hats - so she gave one to Nancy to give to me - very cute & stretches in case his head takes after his mama!

Ethan going belly to belly with me - when asked who's belly is bigger he said mine! :) He's so sweet at this age!

The many silly faces of Ethan!

Absolutely LOVE time with the kids - coloring eggs was the highlight of Easter (that and the video of Ethan searching for eggs!) - they're at such fun ages - so glad we get to spend the holidays with them!

To see Ethan's video - click here:
(The bouncing ball in the background would be my husband!) Sally watched Richard hide the eggs so she actually knew where they were. 

Here are 2 other videos taken in the past couple of weeks of Ethan being silly - 

Such good times - looking forward to the months & weeks to come!