Friday, May 25, 2012

{33 weeks pregnant}

Happy 6 year anniversary!!
The saying goes that time flies when you're having fun...I guess we've been having a whole lot of fun because I can't believe I only have ~6 weeks left until we get to meet our baby boy!!! In early May, we took an anniversary trip to Indianapolis and went to the zoo - this is our one good picture of the two of us at the was a bit warm & I'm starting to swell - so I did as much as I could and enjoyed just being with Richard. He makes me laugh so much and just tickles me - he's truly so much fun to hang out with and we had a great trip just exploring the city & eating good meals!
Love Grandma Moore & how cute she was when she gave us the travel system!

The nursery is coming along - everything is organized that we have so far and downstairs we have clothes/toys that are too big or he's not old enough for yet and the girl's clothes bin (from mom/Amanda) that we'll need to store since we won't need them. Other fun things we've been doing - getting the carseat installed at the Sharonville fire house last weekend, Richard put the swing together, he also put the crib together and put the dresser in the nursery. Grandma Moore got us our travel system which we love and she was excited to watch Richard put that together at her place.
Love our bedding/ really feels real now that soon he's going to be home with us!

Swing is together & everyone on Facebook seemed to say it's a great swing so that's good!
As far as home improvement projects go, everything is pretty much complete: master bath has been re-done, new carpet is installed in the entire upstairs, outside painting is done and the inside ceiling paint is done as well - Certa Pro has to come fix one spot in the kitchen and we'll be set! It's so nice to have everything coming together! Sally's only thrown up twice on the carpet since it's been installed (I'm pretty sure she's preparing me for a kid!)

Final design of the bathroom - we simply love it - it's like being  in a spa so I don't want my showers to end!
All the trim was painted and we changed the colors of the shutters & door!
The baby is doing well - moving some days like a crazy man and other days I'm pretty sure he sleeps most of the day. On Friday (5/11), I had high blood pressure that I took at Kroger so I called the doctor because it was 142/something and they said it needed to be under 140...the next day, I couldn't get him to move, so I drank a Coke, sat on the couch and waited...I was supposed to feel at least 4 movements in the hour...I maybe felt I called and they wanted me to come to the hospital to get checked. Mom & dad took me to the hospital and Richard met me there because he was working. His heartbeat looked great, and they said he was moving - they could tell because his heart rate increased/decreased just like it should if he's moving. With my anterior placenta, sometimes I feel him move and sometimes I don't. They also said I was having very minor contractions but I don't feel those either. They said as long as I don't feel them, I'm in good shape - but let them know if anything changes. They checked my cervix and sent me on my way. It was a relief to get everything checked out and know everything was ok. We stopped at Frish's on the way home (about 9pm) and I was was like old times, eating at the Frish's in Clifton! Blood pressure is doing well now, and it hasn't been elevated again...Richard checks it every now and then just to make sure. At my 30 week appointment I was measuring 32 centimeters (which is about 2 weeks ahead), but when I went back for my 32 week appointment I was only measuring 33 centimeters (and had gained a pound) so Dr. Rinala was happy with that. I was glad to not be too far ahead with everything.

32 weeks, 6 days (almost 33 weeks) - he's not getting any smaller! :)

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